About Us

‘Best Desert Safaris Dubai’ is a pioneer when it comes to curating exciting desert safari adventures. Although not in its present form, we have been organizing desert safaris since the time when desert safari experiences were unheard of outside the Middle East, and not so easily accessible to foreign travelers and tourists. We were one of the first companies to set up a web portal for booking desert safari deals online, which was an obscure concept back then. Our groundbreaking innovations paved the way for the hundreds of large and small desert safari companies currently operating in and around Dubai.

Today, ‘Best Desert Safaris Dubai’ is a premium desert safari company encompassing multiple brands and local tour operators. No matter what your budget or requirements, we have something to offer everyone.

Best Desert Safaris Dubai is not just another desert safari company. With a rich history of having curated desert safari experiences for celebrities and local tourists alike, we have earned the trust of thousands of safari enthusiasts. And with close to three decades of successful operational experience, ‘Best Desert Safaris Dubai’ is clearly the first and best choice to book your Desert Safari Deals.

Why Choose Us?

There are dozens of premium desert safari companies in Dubai, but what makes us different is that we are one of the few heritage-focused ecotourism companies that offer desert safari deals. Be it riding across the sand dunes on vintage range rovers, exploring the landscape from above on hot air balloons, experiencing the rural Bedouin lifestyle, or feasting on a lavish Emirati spread, our desert safari deals give you a small taste of an era gone by.

One of the reasons why customers return to us is our meticulous attention to detail when it comes to curating their desert safari experience. We leave no stone or grain of sand untouched to make sure you have the best safari experience.

Here are some factors that separate us from the crowd:


Authenticity is at the very core of what we do, which is why our prime focus is to showcase the landscapes, history, and culture of this great city. Each desert safari experience we curate is a journey back to an epoch in Dubai’s history. Our safaris open a window into Dubai’s past and offer you an authentic experience of Dubai’s cultural heritage. With our desert safari deals, you get to have a close encounter with the desert landscape, all while experiencing luxury comfort.


We take extra care to make sure that all the animals that are part of our desert safari experiences, including the camels and falcons in our care, are respected and treated ethically. We understand that the well-being of these animals is solely our responsibility, and ensure that they are well fed, are able to rest peacefully, are able to express their instincts and behavior, and are not suffering from any pain or distress.

About Best Desert Safari Dubai


For the handful of brands under our umbrella, social, economic, and environmental sustainability is of prime importance and plays a significant part in governing our business model. This eco-tourism business model allows us not just to showcase the rich heritage of our nation but also to help support and preserve it. Many of our camps are run on solar power, and a considerable percentage of our revenue goes to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. 


The safety of our guests is our top priority, which is why we ensure that all guidelines are met before we set out on each safari. That’s why we have an impeccable record of zero accidents and injuries during our years and service in the business. However, we are well equipped to handle any worst-case scenario, as we have a highly-skilled team who are trained in-house and are qualified to deal with any situation.


We are a customer-first service, which means you get top priority no matter what the case. This is not the case with many safari operators in Dubai. We’ve earned the trust of our customers by providing trustworthy and high-quality service consistently over three long decades. You can place your trust in us, and be sure that we shall take care of all your needs and special requests.