Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Desert safaris in Dubai not just include a variety of activities but also offer lavish BBQ and dining experiences at a campsite in the middle of the desert landscape. The BBQ dinner is included in the late afternoon or evening and overnight desert safari packages. Barbecue is nothing but an outdoor meal that emphasizes social interaction and it has become very common throughout the U.A.E.

Barbecue is actually a lavish outdoor meal in which many people sit together and share the food, carry out discussions, and so on. So, BBQ is a part of merry-making and healthy interaction among people. As it marks a space for social interaction, it has been made a part of desert safaris. Dubai cuisine is rich in its culture and the barbecue is also unique. One of the main attractions of the Dubai desert safari is the BBQ dinner which provides opportunities for the travelers to mingle with each other and enhance the joy of the safari. 

As aforementioned, the BBQ dinner is included in the late afternoon or evening and overnight safari packages. Enjoying a lavish dinner in the middle of the golden landscape is a unique experience. The BBQ package differs depending upon the safari provider. A fine BBQ dinner amid the desert includes several dishes like starters, salads, main course, barbecue station, desserts, and drinks. 

So, a BBQ four-course dinner consists of a buffet with appetizers like falafel, spring rolls, and shawarma and cold appetizers like fattoush, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, and mutabal. Next is the main course including fried rice, baked potatoes, noodles, macaroni, pasta, chicken sausages, and a lot more. The BBQ grill offers food items such as chicken tikka, shish taouk, grilled veggies, lamb kebab, grilled fish, etc. the dessert options are also great with cakes, local fruits, and sweets, and puddings, muffins. 

These delicious barbecue dishes are freshly prepared by expert chefs from the campsite itself. What is unique about these dishes is that they are exclusively traditional Emirati dishes made by chefs who also provide live demonstrations of the preparation process. 

So, after a tiring day of indulging in adventurous activities and exploration of the bedouin culture, you can relax by the bonfire in the evening under the starry sky in the vast desert landscape. You can also enjoy the live entertainment including belly dance, tanoura dance, and fire shows along with the grand BBQ diner. Hence, the Dubai desert safari offers an all-inclusive BBQ dinner together with unlimited tea and coffee to make your safari a content one. 

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