Late Afternoon or Evening Desert Safari

The late afternoon or evening desert safari is the best time to experience the grandeur of the desert landscape. This is why evening desert safari is known as the regular safari that is packed with adventure, entertainment, and fine dining experience. The desert safari kickstarts in the late afternoon when you will be picked up from the hotel. 

The evening desert safari begins at 2.30 or 3 pm when you are picked up in 4*4 vehicles. The first activity that you get to enjoy is dune bashing on the red dunes and also other solo sports adventures like sandboarding, camel safari, and quad biking. These initial adventures themselves increase your thrill and there is even more waiting. By the time these activities are over, you can take ample rest by witnessing the beautiful sunset amid the golden landscape. You can capture these moments and even click selfies to preserve the memories forever. 

Once these desert activities are over, you will be taken to the Bedouin campsite which is also filled with many surprises. While resting at the camp, you can paint your hands in henna, smoke the shisha, and also enjoy live entertainment like belly dance, Tanoura dance, and fire shows. The best thing about late afternoon or evening desert safari is saved for the last, the fine dining experience with a lavish barbecue dinner that includes both international and traditional cuisines. After this, you will be dropped off at your hotel by 9 or 9.30 pm. 

The late afternoon or evening desert safari blends everything in the vast desert and is perfect for getting a complete experience of the desert safari along with Morning Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari.