Royal Falconry Training & Nature Safari

Take part in an adventurous royal falconry performance in the sand dunes of the Dubai desert and indulge in a wonderland of falconry and other birds of prey. Watch closely the falconry and let them fly to your hands and you can hold them with the support of a professional falconer.

Discover the culture of Emiratis and the significance of falcons, hawks, and owls in their culture. Enjoy all of these in an Arab setting that will feel like an old Arab camp for you which we read in books. 

The adventure doesn’t stop with the falconry performance. Bash the dunes of the Dubai desert in a luxurious Range Rover. Finish your time at Dubai Desert in the luxurious Al Maha Resort And Spa.

We will pick you up in a luxurious Range Rover from your hotel between 5:30 AM and 7:30 AM. The time may vary depending upon the weather of the Dubai desert. The exact pick-up time will be notified the evening before the scheduled date of your desert safari. After arriving at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, you can put on the headscarf included in our gift package to protect your hair from the wind and also will also make you look like an Emirati. 

Engage in a fascinating falconry show that will be performed in a private desert camp. Stay close to falcons and many other birds of prey such as hawks and owls while a professional falconer tells you more about the birds and also about the Emirati culture.

Enjoy the beautiful morning near a lake in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve which is also a bird century. Have a gourmet breakfast at the world-renowned Al Maha Resort And Spa and start your day in the most luxurious way. Your total experience in the Dubai desert will be approximately five hours.

We will return you to your hotels between 10:30 AM and 12:00 PM. 

  • You will be picked up in a private Range Rover and will be traveling in the same vehicle throughout the safari.
  • To enjoy the desert safari, wear comfortable and modest clothes that are suitable for the desert weather. You can also carry a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Your breakfast at Al Maha Resort And Spa will include lavish Emirati meals, juices, coffee, and desserts. If you have any specific diet plan, you will have to inform us in advance so that we will inform the resort about it. No changes in food can be done when you are at the resort. 
  • This package is restricted to children below the age of 10 as Al Maha Resort And Spa has a no-child under 10 policy.