What Do You Wear on a Desert Safari in Dubai? (Outfits)

The clothes and accessories that you wear for a desert safari in Dubai should be carefully chosen by considering the weather. The temperature in the desert is different from that in the cities. The mornings are always hot with high temperatures whereas it is low during the night. So, it is ideal to dress up ensuring total comfort for all the safari activities. Instead of formal wear, go for loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. During winter days, it is best to wear warm clothes to fight the biting cold.

Dresses To Wear

Wear dresses that are made with linen and cotton to keep you comfortable and cool. They are ideal for morning safaris and a hoodie is suitable for both morning and evening safaris. To prevent sunburn, wear a scarf or wrapper around the face. Use jackets, sweaters, or shawls during the night as the temperature becomes cool. Coming to footwear, it is best to use sandals or flip-flops instead of shoes. This is because, in closed footwear, sand can get stuck and cause discomfort.

That being said, during hot summer days, it is best to wear lightweight shoes to protect your legs from getting tanned. Also, light boots and sneakers make movement easier. As extra wear, you can use hats for shade and UV-resistant sunglasses to prevent sand from getting into your eyes. Using lip balm and sunscreen is also good. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and accessories because if you lose them, it can be difficult to find them. Families with children should carry extra clothes, towels, and other necessary items.

Outfit for Men

Men might prefer cotton pants or shots for comfort but, they are not ideal for a desert safari as the sand may getting inside the body. The comfort clothing for men during desert safaris is trousers and zip-off trousers are also fine. 

Outfit for Women

Women can wear pants and loose-fitting tops with full sleeve that are ideal for all kinds of activities included in desert safaris. If you are not into adventurous activities like sandboarding and dune bashing, you can wear skirts covering the knees. 

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