Is Desert Safari in Dubai Safe?

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding desert safaris in Dubai. The most common false thought among people is that desert safaris are dangerous but, the truth is that not all safaris are the same. Desert safaris ranging from adventure-oriented to culture and heritage exploration exist. The main reason why desert safaris are perceived as unsafe is because of directly associating them with dune bashing. 

Desert safaris include numerous activities like camel safari, wildlife exploration, and heritage safari across the Dubai desert conservation reserve that are exclusively for experiencing the rich heritage and culture of the city and are completely safe even for kids. When it comes to dune bashing, there is an element of danger but this activity is specifically for those seeking thrill and an adrenaline rush. That being said, such activities are carried out by following safety precautions and are also age-restricted. So, if your health is perfectly alright and the dune bashing is done under trained and experienced safari operators, it is totally safe. The element of danger is far higher in safari activities like quad biking and sandboarding which are best suited for adults who are well-trained and experienced in riding all-terrain vehicles. 

For a safe and comfortable safari, it is also important to wear comfortable clothes. Last but not the least, follow the instructions provided by the safari guide and do not steer away as getting lost in the vast desert landscape is easy, and beware that at times, the desert can be unforgiving. 

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