Which Month is the Best for Desert Safari in Dubai?

You can visit the golden landscape of the Dubai deserts during any month of the year but, the best time to go on a desert safari is from November to March. Weather-wise, this is the best time as the daily temperature ranges from the late 20s to the early 30s. This pleasant weather is also accompanied by a light rainfall making it perfect for desert safaris. 

The fact is that the Middle East has mainly two climates- hot and hotter. However, with the beginning of November, the season becomes slightly cooler and there is also very less humidity helping you to enjoy outdoor activities like desert safaris with utmost comfort. From November to March, the deserts are cooler with the fresh breeze blowing. So, while you are on a desert safari during these months, you can indulge in adventure activities as well as explore the rich bedouin culture free from exhaustion and other illnesses. 

That being said, going on a desert safari in the summer is also ideal. This is because, during the summer days, the desert is far cooler than the cities in the late afternoons and evenings. The reason behind this pleasant desert atmosphere is the lack of water resulting in less humidity. So, the ground doesn’t hold too much heat making the weather perfect for desert safaris. The summer days in Dubai are thus more suited for desert safaris than the city tours. An added advantage is that safari operators make changes in the packages to suit the temperature differences. 

So, the best time for desert safaris in Dubai is from November to March and the summertime is also fine for all safari activities.  

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