Which Desert Safari is better: Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

For people visiting the United Arab Emirates, visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be a unique experience for a lifetime. Just like Dubai, Abu Dhabi also offers desert safari opportunities that are quite amazing. But, to be specific, Abu Dhabi safari deals are not as extravagant as the ones available in Dubai

Dubai desert safari welcomes visitors from across the world and offers a range of activities at different budgets and with different packages suitable for people from all walks of life. The desert safari deals include different packs based on affordability, the activity included, and the timing. What awaits you in the Dubai desert safari includes camel safaris, dune bashing, live entertainment, falconry, sheesha smoking, photoshoots, quad biking, and sandboarding. These activities are included in different packs from budget-friendly to premium standards. So, in Dubai desert safari deals, there is something for each person to experience. 

Now, coming to Abu Dhabi desert safari deals, they are not as exciting as the ones in Dubai. Also, Abu Dhabi is approximately 150 kilometers away from Dubai and the desert safari here is not worth the travel time. In addition to this, the cost of safaris is far higher than that in Dubai. When Dubai has a lot to offer, taking a trip to Abu Dhabi for just the safari experience is not worth it. However, if you are on a trip to Abu Dhabi, the desert safaris are quite decent and can give you a good experience.

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