What is included in a desert safari in Dubai

The desert landscape of Dubai awaits all the adventure seekers and culture explorers with a range of activities ensuring an amazing experience. The real explorations in Dubai are not just limited to the beautiful places and foods but the vast sun-kissed deserts. Once you delve into this part of the city, it unlocks the traditions and rich heritage. The best part of Dubai desert safaris is that people can be a part of the happenings and the ‘visitor’ tag falls off.

Plenty of activities are part of Dubai desert safaris. The first obvious activity is the camel safari which is an inevitable part of desert safaris. Most safari packs include camel safaris the duration of which varies in each safari deal. Some camel rides are for 10-15 minutes while some let you explore the desert and feel the breeze for around 45 minutes. The next activity is dune bashing which is a brave experience in itself where you get to seek an adrenaline rush by riding 4WDs with a professional driver. 

Falconry is yet another majestic experience that desert safaris offer. You can indulge in the showcasing of falcons by experts and learn about the ancient falconry traditions and methods. Next on the list is the exotic live entertainment that includes belly dancing by beautiful belly dancers, mystical tanoura dancing, and fire show performances by skilled fire show artisans.  

In the internet era, a trip or tour without clicking stunning photographs is like a large void. During the entire duration of desert safaris, there are many opportunities to carry out photoshoots with vintage land rovers, sunset and sunrise, traditional Arabic attire, and falcons.  Other exciting experiences are enjoying lavish BBQs and dining in the middle of the desert and part of traditional Arabic culture, shisha smoking. 

So, with a bag full of great experiences, Dubai desert safaris open the door for all adventure seekers and explorers.  

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