Can Kids Go to the Dubai Safari?

There is a misconception that Dubai desert safaris are dangerous and are only for thrill-seekers. So, this is tagged along with the notion that desert safaris are not suitable for kids. But, the truth is that desert safaris include a lot of activities that are safe for children below the age of 5.

Desert safaris include a range of activities like heritage safaris across the desert conservation reserve and the camel ride safari for exploring the vast golden landscape of the desert is suitable even for toddlers. These activities are specifically for exploring the nature and rich culture of Dubai and are completely a go-to for kids. However, certain activities are restricted for children under the age of 5. These include dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding which are strictly restricted for kids. 

Some operators might allow children under the age of 5 to do such activities but, medical experts advise that such adventure-seeking activities are not suitable for kids under the age of 5. So, even if you come across operators allowing children below 5, make sure to avoid such packages. If you are traveling with your family and children, it is safe to go on private safaris that provide comfortable seating and other facilities for kids. 

So, kids are always welcome to Dubai desert safaris to enjoy the rich heritage and culture of the city through the desert safaris. 

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